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TRACIT™ Heat Transfer Cement & Heat Tracing

Since 1954, Chemax Manufacturing Corporation's Tracit ("Trace-It") heat transfer cements have been considered essential for use in industrial applications where there is a need to transfer heat from one surface to another. This includes steam, fluid, and hot oil heat tracing systems where freeze protection and process temperature maintenance are critical concerns.

Chemax heat transfer cement (mastic) is putty-like and easily hand-troweled onto externally traced process pipes, valves, pumps, and industrial equipment. These self-curing compounds are non-corrosive and strongly bond to metal surfaces.  

These highly conductive compounds eliminate the air voids that exist between the tracer and process pipe. Heat is then transferred far more efficiently via means of conduction. Only one Tracit line is required to maintain pipe temperature where 3-5 bare tracers would normally be needed. Overall costs are greatly reduced by eliminating the need for multiple tracers, steam traps, and steam supplies.

TRACIT & Clamp-On Plates

Non-hardening Tracit heat transfer mastic is applied to plate-type heating coils installed on tanks or vessels. The heat transfer mastic fills in the irregular surface areas of the plate coil, creating a thermal bond between the coil and tank wall. These waterproof compounds have an unlimited shelf life and can be easily removed.

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