A Leading Manufacturer of Heat Transfer Compound (Mastic) for Over 62 Years

For six decades, Chemax TRACIT® heat transfer compounds have proven to be essential for use on steam, electric, and fluid heat tracing systems for maximizing heat transfer rates. Externally traced systems utilizing heat transfer compound require fewer tracers and energy to maintain elevated temperatures. Our compounds work by eliminating the air voids that exist between the tracer and process pipe. A single tracer line installed with thermal conducting compound will transfer more heat than 3-4 bare tracers!

Our non-hardening heat transfer mastics may be used on externally heated or cooled tanks and vessels to reduce the number and size of plate coils needed to maintain the desired temperature.

Chemax has remained a family-owned corporation dedicated to quality products and exceptional customer service.

Visit our Applications page for detailed information on how TRACIT® heat transfer cements will help maximize your system's energy efficiency.

Insulation Outlook article featuring Chemax TRACIT® compounds-"Thermal Conducting Cements."

Chemax heat transfer mastic is now available for purchase in 10 or 32 oz. caulk gun cartridges!

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